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Acrylic Low Noise Packing Tape Brown


SAMDEX acrylic transparent polypropylene packing tape, coated with a specilised acrylic adhesive offers excellent adhesion and gives reliable performance at low cost.

The tape is for general domestic use as well as industrial packing stations and offices. Being a low-noise adhesive tape, it is particularly useful in busy work areas where noise can be a problem. Its secret is the water-based adhesive which makes dispensing the parcel tape virtually noise-free.

The acrylic packaging tape works at its best for light and medium weight boxes.


The great advantage of acrylic tapes is their environmental-friendliness, alternative to vinyl (PVC) packing tapes. High resilience of PP backing and viscosity of our adhesive, together with cost-effectiveness make acrylic tapes more and more frequently chosen alternative to synthetic rubber (hot melt) tapes.

Backing film : BOPP tape (Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene)
Adhesive: Special acrylic
Color: Brown